Free pick up at 9:30 AM, from your accommodation into the center of the old medina.

Fes cooking class takes you on a cheerful Moroccan typical experience, to learn the secrets of the exquisite Moroccan food.

Get out of the ordinary; learn in order to impress your friends back home with your new skills. Shop ingredients and spices from the souk, discover the culinary techniques, then, make your own Moroccan tagine and enjoy it.


  • Meet The Professional Chef Ouliya
  • Enjoy a Moroccan Treat with Mint Tea and some Pastry Delights.
  • Discus the Moroccan Tagine and local plates.
  • Go shopping your ingredients with the Chef from a Local Market.
  • Go back to the Moroccan House where your fes cooking class shall begin
  • Prepare yourself and space, where you’re going to start the cooking class
  • Start making home-made the type of Moroccan tagine you like.
  • Enjoy the tasting of the delicious Moroccan tagine meal you made
  • Take pictures and converse with the chef and her friendly local family.


Visiting Morocco is an incomplete trip, without having the Moroccan iconic meal the “Tagine”. A classic Moroccan dish, where the pot is made of clay, this meal’s exquisite taste comes from the pot used, plus the fresh ingredients and the slow cooking process, to make a heavenly tasty tagine.

At first, we’re going to take you to meet the local Moroccan chef Ouliya and her family. Enjoy a Moroccan treat, the mint tea, and the Moroccan pastry delights while talking about the history of Moroccan tagine and the different tagine Types, the fish tagine or the vegetables tagine, the lamb tagine, and the chicken tagine. Afterward, the chef is going to take you to the local souk market; so you get to shop for your tagine recipe and go back to the riad where you gonna start preparing it by yourself.

The base of a Moroccan tagine is extended to fit a big amount of food while the conical lid helps return condensed steam back to the food so that the food is slowly cooked in its own water. basically, Moroccan tagine recipes contain a layer aromatics, meat, and vegetables, along with spices, and oil.  As the ingredients cook slowly, a stew-like consistency broth forms , giving a tasty, flavorful sauce which is dipped with Moroccan bread. the chef will how to make a Moroccan tagine of your choice, which includes lamb, chicken, beef or fish; and a variety of vegetables and spices.

Now, to make a Moroccan tagine you need vegetables by your choice, commonly used potato, carrots zucchini, parsley, and coriander. Also, you need spices like; black pepper, cumin, ginger paprika, and saffron. Besides, the common spices. tagine must have a protein source. Whether you use lamb meat, chicken, or fish with vegetables, then, on top you add some lemon slices, and olives, sesame seeds, Nuts, and dry fruits.

The tagine pot helps the flavors to infuse during cooking. Therefore, everything comes out tender and delicious. At last, you serve the tagine with Moroccan homemade bread and some fresh and cooked salads; in addition to the harissa paste that contains garlic, chilies, and olive oil. It adds an amazing taste to many dishes.

Eventually, you’ll have time to enjoy your delicious tagine meal with the local family in a cozy Moroccan ambiance. And Then, Take pictures with them in the riad to document these incredible moments.

The Class Fees Include :

Driver &Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle).

Pick up & drop off of hotel/riad.

Local Souk-Market Visits.


Learning session.


Local Master-chef.

Excluded Fees :

Professional Guide.
Entrance fees to historical sites.


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