Fez Chefchaouen Tours : Visit Fez And Explore Amazing Fes Cooking Class


Fes cooking class is one of the pleasurable programs that any tourist to the mediaeval Fez city should try it for at least once in his life time. In Fez cooking class our kind English –French speaking Driver and Guide will pick you up from your accommodation place , airport or Train station to adventure and explore with Fez Chefchaouen Tours teams  wonderful features of Fez tours program.

Fez cooking class tour in Fez Morocco will start with a tour in local Souk inside Fez Medina (the open Market) to buy the most essential ingredients and spices that will be useful in our agreeable cooking master class such us vegetables or fruits, chicken, beef, fishe and the extraordinary wide variety Moroccan spices for instance Saffron, Turmeric , Cinnamon, White pepper, Paprika, Cumin,and Ras el Hanout that are needed to make exceptional, rich and delicious diches. After that, we move to be more nearer to Moroccan kitchens which is influenced by many cultures passed by Morocco , so via Fez Cooking class  we will have the opportunity to meet Master chefs in Fez Medina and local families to make the main famous plates for instance Couscous , Tajin , Tanjiya , Bissara and Moroccan salad like Carrot Salad , Zaalouka, , Rice and Tuna Salad or Chakchouka , also you will have the chance to prepare different Bake Breads in Morocco such as ( Khobz, Harcha , Mesemen…)

We will start this wonderful program “cooking class in Fez with the support and assistance of professional master chefs or local families who know each information and secrets about the Moroccan cuisine, during our day we will have a time to rest and admire your tasty exceptionnel Moroccan plates and get more closer to local people and friends for some funny talks.

Fez cooking class tour is your perfect opportunity to learn, taste and explore more about local ingredients, traditional dishes and variety of preparation ways. It is a charming program that goes with any ages, gender and skill levels.

Cooking class service is a popular present suggestion for males & females in our circles in Fes.Fes Cooking class will be more comfortable & funny journey with each other. This activity is marvellous because it appeals to most age groups, skill levels.


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