Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Tangier


Chefchaouen tours – Day Trip from Chefchaouen to Tangier

Day trip from Chefchouan to Tangier is a wonderful tour offered by our team , to help you explore the main cultural and historical sites in the north of Morocco. it’s a charming journey that suit all the needs , budget , time frame of travelers. We will begin our amusing and best program of day trip to Tangier from Chefchouan by picking you up from your accommodation “Hotel or Riad “ in a luxury and relaxed air conditioned car. Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Tangier Throughout the way of Chefchouan tour, our kind driver will take you to discover the main cities and villages located between Chefchouan and Tangier. our guide who is knowledgeable of Tangier city , and its ancient history, costume and culture ,  since it is a very great strategic position between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea , also it’s the gate between Africa and Europe. Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Tangier The Excursion from Chefchouan to Tangier will help you to explore the ancient places of the town starting by the Old Medina , that is the one absolute must-see in the city , because of its life style and unique  buildings and architecture, Hammams, Mosques, traditional schools, shops, bazaars, cafes also full of Narrow Street and Old Square. The old Medina of Tangier city is the most important place which leads you to get touch with traditional and cultural sites of Morocco.  In the Medina and Via our Day trip from Chefchouan to Tangier  we will have the opportunity to enjoy and taste Moroccan cuizine in the Most famous terraces restaurants or cafes , that are known with the various  delicious meal , fishes , Tagine , mint tea and so one … Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Tangier Our friendly and professional guide will take you to visit the beautiful and important historical monuments and fascinating sites in the town such as El Kasbah built in 15th century, Kasbah Museum Ville Nouvelle (New City) & the cruise pools at the Tangier Port and so many other places. Also you can have a time for shopping and discover the attractive handicrafts in native workshops and artisanal things , especially the leather products that you can buy as souvenirs for you or for your friends. Your Day trip from Chefchouan to Tangier , will come to an end when we will drop you at  your Hotel/Riad.