Day trip from fez to volubilis & Moulay Idriss


day trip from Fez to Volubilis: Enjoy the best trip to Meknes Volubilis.

Meknes, Volubilis and Moulay Idriss are both famous cities which you will discover through Fez to Volubilis One Day Trip. It’s a tour where you can explore some essential and stunning monuments that have a huge impact on the culture and history of Morocco. Our French/English speaking driver will pick you up from your accommodation hotel / Raid or Airport or train station in a comfortable transport “air-conditioned transportation” to begin your charming Excursion from Fez to Volubilis . Fez To Volubilis Day Trip Our first station in Volubilis from Fez One Day Trip would be Meknes city, that was built in the 11th century and contains some famous and significant historical Monuments ; one of them is El Hedim Square: the center of Medina, a very huge place, a smaller version of ” Marrakesh’s Jama’a el Fanaa ”  where you can witness musicians, storytellers, and African terrorists . Bab Mansour: the ancient and decorated Gate its amusing architecture in Meknes, traditional restaurants where you can try some local dishes and buy some native handicrafts for a souvenir. Habs Qara: a huge prison built by the Sultan Moulay Ismail. Medersa Bou Inania: A very fascinating Quranic school. Hri es-Souani: a great basin, besides of many gorgeous historical sites, such as Dar Jamai, Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail and Al Masjid Al Adam. Fez To Volubilis Day Trip The Next stop would be Volubilis, the 5000 years old Roman City. With our Day trip from Fez to Meknes, we will visit some historical and cultural monuments story, that goes back to very old ages. The city is also famous for numerous wonderful and massive walls and buildings.  besides some ranges of doors, You will certainly fall in love with these cities, since you can really see the remains and impact of the  Romanian empire in the Moroccan history. Fez To Volubilis Day Trip Our final destination, in our day trip, is Moulay Idriss Zerhoun founded in the AD, Meknes – Volubilis – Moulay Idriss is a great tour and an important chance for the visitor to enjoy a lifetime visit to the most important Monuments and historical view.