Fez Cultural, day trip from fez


Visit & Explore The Heart Of Fez Wonderful City through Our day trip from Fez

In Day Trip from Fez we will pick you up at your Hotel/Raid, Airport or Train station to start a beautiful day tour in the center of Fez city and Medieval Place named the Medina, which is considered as an ancient and historical city back to 9th century, it contains some very old monuments, Open Souks “Markets“, and religious places “Mosques“, it is actually an exceptional city that makes you go back to the middle ages.   Fez Cultural Day Trip   Our professional English-French speaking guide will meet you to start the charming Fes Medina walking Tour at the heart of Fes Medina, starting by Bab Bojloud, a very old and huge blue gate that is well decorated with Moroccan Fassi tiles coloured with blue and green. After the amazing description of Bab Boujloud provided by our guide, we will go together to discover the maze of ancient medina streets that are very narrow and we will be visiting also the main well-known and important monuments in Fez city.   fez day trip   Fes Cultural and history tours will lead you to Al Qarawiyin, which is the oldest educational and religious Centre in the Arab world and Africa in general. It’s a huge university built by Fatima el Fihriya in 859 AD and considered as one of the main places that have a great impact on the improvement of Fez city and even Morocco. During Fes Medina guided Tour, we will explore together through the time of pleasure and gladness every charming site in Fez Medina, we will wander the narrow streets to get closer to a very old craft in Morocco which is the Tannery. Fez Tannery is a really ancient – amusing factory that produces leather with no chemical additions.   Fez Cultural Day Trip   Our Full day Fez cultural tours will not be completed without visiting the Seffarrin metal workshops, Al-Batha Museum, Attarrin shops, Nejjarrin square, and Jewish quarter Mellah. At these places, we will find markets of traditional crafts “to buy souvenirs”, Fes pottery, traditional restaurants and cafes …   Fez Cultural Day Trip   To Be in the medieval Medina you will be very nearer to explore the beautiful life of Local people to know more about them. At the end of this Fes Cultural, we will take you back to your hotel or Raid.

Tour includes:

  • Transportation ( air-conditioned vehicle).
  • Professional English/French speaking driver.
  • Professional guides.
  • Entrance Fees to Historical sites.