What to do in Tangier for a day


What to do in Tangier for a day


Fez Chefchaouen tours offer you a list of Day tours from Tangier that will help you through your stay in This city.

What to do in Tangier for a day?

 Definitely, a day tours from Tangier would not be enough for this mesmerizing city, but our company will make this come true. So make sure you try our suggested list.

The city of Tangier is one of the most worth seeing place with unique landscapes and architecture buildings. Hence, we and will see that through our day tours from Tangier.

We suggest you through “what to do in Tangier for a day ?” to visit The Kasbah and its wonderful gates.


The most interesting thing about this place is that it’s like a maze you need to keep going and stumbling through the streets which gives your holiday a sense of adventure and mystery. When you find one of the big doors to exit the place you will find yourself in the famous 17th-century palace, which is now is transformed into a museum. This place is a home to an interesting collection of antiques from the Stone Age to the 20th century. On the hilltop of the Kasbah, you can enjoy the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The second thing we suggest you visit through our day tours from Tangier is to visit Tangier’s The Great Mosque. This Colorful Ancient Mosque was a Roman temple as well as Cathedral in the past but was turned into a mosque, the fact of these three religions was in one place produces a fascinating example of architecture.

By this list, you will not have to ask the question of “what to do in Tangier in one day ?” Is to visit The American Legation Museum, this place is located in the hustle of the Medina. This museum transports you to a different era which includes many wonderful paintings and masterpieces like one of Paul Bowles.

Our Day tours from Tangier list introduces several places to see and enjoy during your visit to Tangier city. However, make sure to chose one of our day tours from Tangier on our website Fes to Chefchaouen tours for a memorable experience with our professional team.


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