Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Rabat

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Chefchaoun to Rabat day trip – Morocco chefchaouen tours

Fes-Chefchouan-Tours are one of the best groups in the sector of tourism, its Arrange wonderful guided tours of Morocco that attract several travelers worldwide. In the program of Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Rabat our professional and friendly driver will pick you up early at your Riad /hotel in Chefchaoun to begin the drive inside air conditioned vehicle toward this fascinating Chefchaoun to Rabat day trip. Rabat city is the capital of Morocco situated on Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the Kingdome, and it’s marked with different sites and historical monuments that lead the town to become as one of the best destinations Moving to see also Mohamed-V University, Morocco’s largest university. Throughout the excursion from chefchaouan to Rabat you will have the opportunity to explore many small cities and villages during our drive; also you will investigate there ,the beauty of cultural heritage and historical building. Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Rabat
After arriving to the city we will start this charming tour by visiting various places such as Dar El Makhzen it’s a historical royal palace “the seat of Sultan “ Considered as an ancient place founded in 1864, also we will move to explore minaret of uncompleted mosque in Rabat that called Hassan Tower was founded by Yaqoub El Mansour in1195. Day Trip from Chefchaoun to Rabat Then and via Day trip from Chefchouan to Rabat we will come across Mohammed V Mausoleum was a mosque in the past, is a place where certainly fill like you are in a museum of Moroccan traditional Architecture and building because its combine fascinating Moroccan tils, Mosaic Marber, Art wood, Amusing engraving on the Gypsum and very shining and big copper suspension. Rue des Consuls After that we will pass to discover another site of this Chefchouan to Rabat tours which Kasbah of Oudays is built by the Almohads “Sultan Yaqoub El Mansour “in the 12th century. Your Guided day trip to Rabat will contain also a visit to other historical places like Chellah ruins, Bourgregreg River and so one … sure you will adorable and relaxed day trip with our Guide , so either you are friends , couple or solo don’t hesitate to book .